A few words about us

FileCoven is Nigeria's Leading Music and eBook Distributor to 30,000+ Stores

Since our incorporation in late 2010 we have grown from a strict audiobook publishing firm to a full blown digital content distribution company. We have established global partnerships with leading online stores to make Nigerian music, sermons, eBooks and Audiobooks available to the world and this, in a very cost effective manner. We understand the challenges that musicians in Nigeria face in trying to make their contents visible to the world and to even earn a good income from their efforts at creating great music. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that every musician has a fair chance of being visible to the world. Beyond music, we believe that Christianity is an exportable content. Nigeria boasts of hundreds of thousands of churches and these churches have amazing sermons preached in them every week. We believe that people all over the world should hear these sermons and that the move of God should not be restricted to any geographical location. One way to achieve this is to have these sermons effectively and efficiently distributed to all the stores where people from every nation and race can access them. For sermons, we have made our fees extremely affordable so as to encourage preachers all over Nigeria to have the revelations given to them by God accessed by billions of people all over the world.  Our eBook services cater for the thousands of authors in Nigeria who are struggling with the distribution of their works. In Nigeria, reading is a very big problem yet Nigerian authors have some of the best materials in every field of human endeavor. Our goal is to let the world know that these materials exist and to get them to buy them. We have witnessed books written by Authors in Nsukka being bought by hundreds of people via Amazon Kindle. We are committed to exporting Nigeria's literary works to the world. We want lecturers in our Universities to have a platform through which they can make their works available to a global audience without much expense on their part. Audiobooks which were the very first things we started out publishing remain very dear to our hearts. Our busy world demands new and innovative approach to learning and audiobooks remain one way to achieve the flexibility that today's world demands. We have narrated the work of Napoleon Hill via the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the books of Nigeria's leading preachers - Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, and Dr. D.K. Olukoya. We are committed to seeing millions of books written by Nigerians professionally narrated and made visible to a global audience. This will, among other things, create jobs for Audiobook Narrators, many of whom are beginning to earn good income via Audiobook Narration. Lastly, we have become the preferred content provider to some of the leading blogs and review websites across the world. We have a pool of writers and editors who churn our great literary works that are read by millions of people across the globe. We have the skill set to turn the most boring events and facts to interesting literary works.